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Is SEO Really Evil? An Interview for the Boagworld Podcast

This week I am on the Boagworld Podcast, recorded in January, talking about the realities of SEO in a modern world. Paul a while ago said that 'seo is useless' basically, only to then backtrack once he realised just how wrong he was.

In the podcast we speak about all kinds of things, including:

  • What SEO actually is
  • How SEO fits into the 'bigger picture'
  • How some SEO is bad and can harm websites
  • Is SEO just about Search Engines?
  • Is SEO the right name for what we do
  • A holistic approach to SEO and Digital Marketing
  • Social Media and SEO?
  • Information Architecture and Navigation
  • Technical SEO considerations for Web Design

Take a listen to the podcast and hit share below.

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