Well today has been a realisation of just how much I truly rely on Google.

From simple searches, to image searches and of course to the most annoying part…. getting to my contacts.

I’ve still not established how I forgot to move my contacts. However this is a huge issue for me and there isn’t much I can do… they are stuck in GMail and that’s me stumped until someone can find me a way to get them out.

It took me a few minutes to change settings on my computers … all 5 of them (personal and work). Then I realised I hadn’t quite done everything …default browsers and email clients had been changed, desktop turned off and homepages changed. But I forgot something important direct search from the address bar! … as soon as the page appeared I almost cried before realising it was only day one and mistakes are made… so i changed it and went off to Bing and/or Yahoo! for the rest of the day.

My phone hasn’t been too much of an issue as I’ve hidden my icons for the internet and mail clients. E-mails have been set to forward so there is no issue here… my few issues are in I miss the speed and reliability of Google Chrome… and I feel like I’ve lost a limb… oh wait there is one more thing.

I miss my contacts!

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