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6 Awesome Content Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

6 Awesome Content Marketing Tools You Should Be Using It is very important to make a right buying decision at the right time. Wisely chosen content strategy can help your online business to generate more leads, conversions and ROI. Thus the tools for content marketing are extremely necessary to make the strategy efficient. These 6 tools are combination of unique features and functionality that help marketers to achieve the desired outcome. Google Analytics Google Analytics. Every marketer knows this tool. Should know, at least, and use it regularly. There is no point in having a website, and moreover, creating some ad campaigns for it, and not to analyze the performance, user data and ROI afterwards. The simplest analysis includes traffic and audience overview, bounce rate, time on site, pages per visit and traffic acquisition. It gives you valuable knowledge on who visits your website, what kind of user experience they get, what they do on your website, where they come from and in what quantities. If something is wrong with the website or your promotion of it – you will see it at this stage. Tip: set the goals. You should know what actions you expect from your visitor, and what is considered a conversion for you. By setting goals for these actions or pages, you will always have informative data on how good those goals are achieved. Also see our previous Articles about Google Analytics Simply Measured With SimplyMeasured you evaluate your business social media performance at the nine different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. The wide range of reports helps to find the major...

We’re Getting Old – 7 Years Old

Each year, on the birthday of SEOAndy, I look back of what we’ve done and what the plans are for the future. This years we are celebrating our 7th birthday – I should probably get some cake or something. In the past year I returned to being a Digital Marketing Consultant in my own right, leaving a great digital agency in Manchester RedStar to set up on my own (again). It wasn’t an easy decision to make and I owe everyone at RedStar (especially Darren) a great deal of gratitude for everything – it’s a testament to how well we worked together as a team that we still help each other out from time to time. Since the move, SEOAndy has gone from strength to strength – I may not have posted as many articles as I wanted (around 100) but that is because of how busy I am with clients and my other life’s duties. The main focus of SEOAndy has been on working with Social Enterprises, such as Social Adventures which was a great project to help bring all of their sites into the 21st century and performing from a digital point of view. This year has also been huge from the view of launching the first ever SEOAndy niche website, SusbcriptionCoffee.org, which offers reviews of subscription coffee services and lots of awesome coffee related content. This has led to many amazing relationships in lots of industries, relationships and friendships I truly value. There are a ton of folks to thank but here are just a few: Kate, Darren, Andy, Jim, Raj, Jan, Javstah, Tina, Will, Ryan &...

4 Reasons WordPress Is A Great Platform For Any Website

Long gone are the days where WordPress is the CMS platform of choice among freelancers and small business owners. Once upon a time, it seemed like WordPress wasn’t cut to wear a suit –and rightly so. Business owners had a whole lot of obstacles to overcome in their quest to take their businesses online. When the web became an unavoidable, unstoppable force, the WordPress we all know and love was a shadow of what it is today. It was complex, hard to use, full of bugs, and it conformed solely to the business requirements of bloggers. And bloggers didn’t know what their business requirements were. The humble beginnings of WordPress originated in peer-to-peer free speech, and citizen journalists were driving the car. Today, both bloggers and business owners of every class can agree; WordPress is ready for business prime time. Why is WordPress Good for Business? 1. It’s a Business Application As popularity of the open source CMS grew, so did the interest businesses had in it as a low-cost alternative to costly custom web design and development builds. WordPress initially suffered the curse of being an all-in-one solution; it would casually adhere to custom business processes, jack of all trades, master of none. Today, advanced and very specific plugins occupy a growing plug in directory which allows business WordPress users to scale their WordPress content management system to accommodate business needs and functions. One great example of this is WooCommerece an amazing ecommerce plugin, recently purchased by WordPress themselves. Today, a business can transact in the millions annually on a WordPress installation, track resources, manage inventory, and a...

Be Different – Lessons of Digital Marketing

Being Different online isn’t easy. The online world is obsessed with being “better is better”, copying what one website does ‘because it works’ and hoping it will serve your website well, copying meta tag formulas because you see someone in your industry do really well with it, copying content style because it is engaging, copying social media style because they see that brands engagement increase – well I’ve got news for those who follow the “better is better” ideas – you are failing yourself and your customers. The idea of “better is better” is flawed, putting aside that no two website and no two audiences are ever the same, its a complete and utter mirage which “keeps you thinking the same way as your competition” (Sally Hogshead). The idea of “better is better” is at best temporary, because your competition will always move on but you are stuck behind them. Striving to be on the level with competition or to iterate on the work they’ve done is a losers game, it’s a waste of time and resource, to be blunt – its bonkers for any business to do this. I know from recent experiences with clients (across various industries) that being different pays dividends with traffic and leads constantly improving as clients set themselves apart from the competition. Weeks and months later that competition follows the “better is better” ideology, they copy formatting and styles, they begin to use the same plugins, they show their face in the same online realms – it’s copy cat styling at it’s best and its bonkers. Not a single one of those copy cat styled websites...

5 Extremely Risky Black Hat SEO Practices That You Should Avoid

SEO with its complicated world would necessitate you to have a good knowledge about its important aspects including the terminology “black hat SEO”. You have may heard about black hat SEO but you don’t have any idea about it. Well, to be brief, black hat SEO is term used to refer the utilizing of aggressive yet irrelevant SEO techniques that focus only on the search engine and not on the human users and usually does not obey the Webmasters Guidelines. Black hat SEO comes into a good number of types, some includes keyword stuffing, the use of invisible texts, doorway pages, adding irrelevant keywords to the page content and page swapping. Basically, the use of black hat seo practices are common to incompetent SEO firms and those who are seeking for a speedy return on their financial investments for their websites, rather than that of a long term investment. Practically, black hat SEO could result into extreme cases like your site being banned to appear in the results of the search engine. As the number of individuals who demand for highly relevant and quick online information increases, Google, being the pioneering search engine, continues to change and update their searching algorithm constantly. This will help them give their user a more relevant and efficient search results. Practically, many marketers are employing SEO campaign for their website to obtain a good ranking on search engines especially in Google. However, you should understand that the most successful SEO services are those that are achieved with by using right and lawful ways. Meaning, the use of illegal and unethical “black hat” practices is...

101+ Steps To Effectively Launch Your WordPress Website!

101+ Steps To Effectively Launch Your WordPress Website! Guest Author: Nirav Dave is the founder of Capsicum Mediaworks, a digital agency in Mumbai that specializes in all things web design. He worships WordPress and loves to read anything and everything written about this exceptional CMS. – Find him on twitter. Have you ever been stuck for hours trying to figure out something related to a WordPress Website? Yes? Then you must read on! Working along with WordPress is always a bliss, but getting stuck on a problem can be nerve-racking! Like you, we also got stuck on problems often. We know how stressing it can turn out to be! Anyhow, all this is going to change now. How? We believed, there has to be something on this vast internet to resolve this problem, and guess what, there was! We came across this extremely enriching and interestingly done infographic, which has the ability to benefit hundreds of WordPress users! This fantastic infographic is called, a Killer WordPress Checklist! The entire team at Capsicum Mediaworks came together and worked on something which is not just extensive, but extremely informative too! This infographic has 101+ steps, which will guide you before, during and after the WordPress development process. This WordPress infographic is the most enlightening infographic on WordPress we came across. And, this is exactly why we are sharing it with you. The 101+ steps involved in this infographic will help all the WordPress users and developers, in creating a WordPress website that exceeds their expectations! Don’t wait any longer! Dive in, we’re sure this checklist will help you, just as it...

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Andy offers a fresh approach to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). He puts the client at the heart of the SEO and gives them the level of control they need… The results that we have had working together to date have been nothing short of fantastic.

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