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This post is about website security and is a response to this article on econsultancy which tells of how amazing free ssl for all websites will be. In short, free ssl is not amazing. To understand why singing and dancing about free SSL isn’t the way to go we need to first understand what SSL actually is: SSL (the Secure Sockets Layer) and its precursor TLS (Transport Layer Security) are security protocols used across networks around the world, including the world wide web. They are both cryptographic protocols used to encrypt communication over a public (or indeed private) network. An SSL certificate is as strong as the cryptographic ciphers it is using, as time moves on more an more sophisticated ciphers are being used – mainly as older ciphers are falling and failing due to massively increasing computing power. A cipher in its most plain form is a mathematical formula designed to encrypt and then decrypt. As I say SSL is designed to encrypt communications over a network, this is to say between two machines the data sent is encrypted with only the two end machines being able to “unlock” the cipher to view the ‘message’. In this case between your computer browser (say Google Chrome) and a webserver (the website) … It starts with a handshake in which you agree the cipher (the older your computer or the webserver – or the more badly set up the web server) the less secure of a cipher you are likely to use. Here is where Free SSL falls down, and where Patricio is wrong. SSL for SSL’s sake is none sense, it...

Five Simple SEO Tips for Photographers

Five Simple SEO Tips for Photographers SEO Strategies for 2016 The fundamental building blocks of search engine optimisation haven’t changed in many years, there isn’t a single Google update which has changed them. In this article are five golden seo strategies which will not only see your rankings increase today but also going forward into 2016 and beyond. These are evergreen and easy to remember. 1) Only The Best Content Content is King, as someone once said, and its true. For photographers displaying your work is all about showing off how fantastic your photography is, but it needs to be more than just a bunch of pictures – it is increasingly rare to just see this type of page appear in search results. Instead search engines and users want you to do something more, to display a little personality and talk about your work. Wedding Photographer Mick Cookson is always a fantastic example of this, all of his portfolio work includes lovely textual descriptions of the day and how the event unfolded. In his recent wedding portfolio piece of Claire and Lee at the White Hart Lydgate, Mick takes you through the day and cuts through the hub-ub and focuses on something simple like Rachael Bottomley and her work, or how the couple met. This style works really well for Mick and other photographers, but other styles work well too. The important thing to remember is that without context and insight your photos are just photos and unless you’ve some mass audience of potential clients you drag to every page of your site … that work won’t be found. Free SEO Guide...

Building Content That Attracts The Best Links

How Content Attracts The Most BackLinks Content to build Backlinks that are powerful enough push your ranking to a higher level. Building great content is not just about feeding your current readership, its about expanding horizons and attracting more users to your site. This infographic explains the basics behind why good content gains attention, where it can gain this attention and what this can mean for your site. But remember Building Links is not about having a “creating great content and they will come” attitude on your website, its about ensuring you’ve got the best content, sharing it in the right places with the right people and...

Rushed Backlinks Are Promises to be Broken

When it comes to setting up backlinks to a website, any company or SEO Management firm that promises an overnight success with link building is yanking the proverbial chain. All the old adages will ring true in internet marketing success. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” The same can be said of building a well connected website. “There is no free lunch.” It will be necessary to find a competent, truthful and reliable local SEO search strategy specialist. “There are no get rich quick schemes that really work.” There are many trustworthy groups like for example, Local SEO Search Inc that can create a long term, successfully backlinked, and well crafted SEO driven website strategy. Many of these services abound today. You just have to carefully explore your options and keep the following points in mind. Some fallacies in the link building world to keep in mind and to avoid: Initially, it is best not to use multiple strategies for backlinks. Universal sizes do not work for all clients. Using the endeavors that a good public relations team would use to create content is not a wise investment of resources. It is better to invest in checking up on the content that has already been written by the agency to see what links have not been generated. Other areas to consider are niches and angles. Cast off the notion that building links is no longer relevant. This is a myth that has grown recently and it most likely is in the best interest of content managers, public relations, and marketing firms to sidetrack and pull business away from the...

WordPress Security – Made Simple & Easy

Today I read another article about a new security issue in WordPress that was being exploited, it’s a brute force attack on the XMLRPC function system.multicall – in essence some hackers/badbots were using the function to enable them to attack the XMLRPC area not once per call (the normal) but upto 500 times per call. A Brute Force Amplification Attack. You can read more about it on the Sucuri Labs Blog. If you are a WordPress site owner or developer and this doesn’t scare you – then hopefully its because you really are secure. But let me tell you something… If you rely on a plugin within wordpress for your security, you are NOT safe from attack! I am serious, no plugin alone can ever stop you being attacked. If it some how blocks every exploit (which it won’t), it still cant defend your site against brute force attacks. I talk from experience when I say ‘attacks are scary’ and that ‘plugins don’t work for security’ – Last august SEOAndy was attacked, again and again in the hope of just bringing the site down. You can read about what i learned from my wordpress site being attacked here. Since then attacks have been constant, but have had no effect on this website – not for a moment since has it come close to being out of action due to a brute force attempt or hacking. The reason is simple, and it is what makes WordPress Security Easy! Yes, I said Security and Easy in the same sentence! The reason is that I use CloudProxy from Sucuri Labs. CloudProxy is a Web...

6 Awesome Content Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

6 Awesome Content Marketing Tools You Should Be Using It is very important to make a right buying decision at the right time. Wisely chosen content strategy can help your online business to generate more leads, conversions and ROI. Thus the tools for content marketing are extremely necessary to make the strategy efficient. These 6 tools are combination of unique features and functionality that help marketers to achieve the desired outcome. Google Analytics Google Analytics. Every marketer knows this tool. Should know, at least, and use it regularly. There is no point in having a website, and moreover, creating some ad campaigns for it, and not to analyze the performance, user data and ROI afterwards. The simplest analysis includes traffic and audience overview, bounce rate, time on site, pages per visit and traffic acquisition. It gives you valuable knowledge on who visits your website, what kind of user experience they get, what they do on your website, where they come from and in what quantities. If something is wrong with the website or your promotion of it – you will see it at this stage. Tip: set the goals. You should know what actions you expect from your visitor, and what is considered a conversion for you. By setting goals for these actions or pages, you will always have informative data on how good those goals are achieved. Also see our previous Articles about Google Analytics Simply Measured With SimplyMeasured you evaluate your business social media performance at the nine different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. The wide range of reports helps to find the major...

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