Twitter is the Internet’s Cocktail Party

Twitter is, unlike Facebook, a true communication tool. Facebook was once, but is today simply a content syndication system for businesses – and for the average user it is too. Twitter, on the other hand, is all about communication and […]

The #DDOS of and What We Are Doing

Update 17/Aug/14 – 10% Rate Attack - === Even now a day after it’s peak, as I write this I am keenly aware that there is an on going DDOS (distributed denial of service) Attack against – so whilst […]

Introducing The SEOAndy Book Club

For a while I’ve been asked about my favourite books and resources, things that help me do my job or have inspired me somehow. I usually would reel off a list of 3 or 4 that are awesome, but they […]

Handy Checklist for Blogging

Coming up with an idea and creating a great blog around it isn’t easy, we all know this. But what if I told you that you can almost forget about the technical SEO for the implementation if you simply follow […]

Taking A Quick Break

As many of you will know, this month I am running for election as a local councillor. The election is taking place on May 22 and so between now and then I must be focused on that alone, and not […]

The Easy Way To Double Your Pinterest Followers – 5 Mins A Day

25 Million users… 47% of US online shoppers have made purchases based on what they’ve seen on Pinterest. The figures are exciting and with Pinterest predicting at least 20% growth in the coming year, is this really something to miss […]

Key Statistics The Every Website Owner Should Know

Today, in London, there is a conference taking place called Catalyst #EUCatalyst – the conference is aimed at growing multi-channel platforms such that it becomes part of every online business that sells products. Multi-Channel is the selling of products across […]

Maintenance Update – March 2014 [updated]

A few minutes ago we made a big change to SEOAndy, we moved from to seoandy.NET We’ve thought about and discussed this move since around Christmas time and today (23 march) we finally made the move. It’s not been […]