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101+ Steps To Effectively Launch Your WordPress Website!

101+ Steps To Effectively Launch Your WordPress Website! Guest Author: Nirav Dave is the founder of Capsicum Mediaworks, a digital agency in Mumbai that specializes in all things web design. He worships WordPress and loves to read anything and everything written about this exceptional CMS. – Find him on twitter. Have you ever been stuck for hours trying to figure out something related to a WordPress Website? Yes? Then you must read on! Working along with WordPress is always a bliss, but getting stuck on a problem can be nerve-racking! Like you, we also got stuck on problems often. We know how stressing it can turn out to be! Anyhow, all this is going to change now. How? We believed, there has to be something on this vast internet to resolve this problem, and guess what, there was! We came across this extremely enriching and interestingly done infographic, which has the ability to benefit hundreds of WordPress users! This fantastic infographic is called, a Killer WordPress Checklist! The entire team at Capsicum Mediaworks came together and worked on something which is not just extensive, but extremely informative too! This infographic has 101+ steps, which will guide you before, during and after the WordPress development process. This WordPress infographic is the most enlightening infographic on WordPress we came across. And, this is exactly why we are sharing it with you. The 101+ steps involved in this infographic will help all the WordPress users and developers, in creating a WordPress website that exceeds their expectations! Don’t wait any longer! Dive in, we’re sure this checklist will help you, just as it...

UPDATED: We Improved Our Load Time by Over 75% – You Can Too!

In the tech world SEOAndy does what is called eat your own dog food – put simply this means being the trail subject for things before our clients are. So today I want to share one example of this strategy and how it’s seriously paid off – the result is in the headline, but here’s what we did. A while back we upgraded our servers, one of the reasons was speed – you can read about it in our blog about how pagespeed can effect business income – since then we’ve constantly wanted to get more from our new managed surroundings to enable a better user experience for our clients website visitors. Ultimately, a faster website should mean more leads. Today we made the move to find a better plugin to cache and speed up our website. After speaking with our managed server hosting provider, SWB, we decided to try WordPress Super Cache. The results we’ve achieved are nothing short of amazing. Plus the plugin is less bulky and so less likely to go wrong! Here’s what we did: Removed W3 Total Cache, our existing plugin. – creates a clean slate. Deactivate Plugin, Delete Plugin, Delete Cache Folders, Remove References in .htaccess Installed, & Activated WP Super Cache Basic Setup of WP Super Cache In Basic, Turn on Caching (Save) In Advanced… Toggle to “use Mod_rewrite” Toggle on all recommended sections Update Status Mod_rewrite changes You will be made aware changes are needed to enable mod_rewrite in .htaccess, scroll down the page and click to update the file. Note: sometimes permissions wont let this, copy everything in the green box and paste...

The Overnight Millionaire… The Real Story

Yesterday I received an email newsletter from Jo Casey; a good friend, coach of business coaches (yes that’s a real thing) and all round inspiring person. The email was about how as business owners, entrepreneurs and wanting to “live our dream”, we are subjected to the patter of those who claim to be able to help you create an “overnight success”. Wouldn’t it be nice to work for just one day and get a million pounds the next day, having done no work before that but just had a little idea… Well yes it would, but the real story is that this doesn’t ever happen – at least not in Jo’s experience, or my own. Jo gives some examples: [The] TRUTH? I didn’t make a dime in the first year of my business – I got into debt. Year 2 I broke even. Year three was when I could pocket some of that coaching cash. Marie Forleo had a bridge job for the first 7 years of her business. Rebecca Tracy took 4 years to reach 6 figures (and that girl can HUSTLE!) Andrea Owen has built her massive following over SEVEN YEARS. And this reminded me a bit of my journey so far, indeed SEOAndy even had a 2 year break in service offerings whilst I went to work for another company – but the dream was to come back, and I did. SEOAndy in just a few weeks will be 7 years old! Nothing in life is ever easy that is really worth having, SEOAndy is now more successful than ever before. Ultimately, success isn’t an overnight thing –...

Magic Makers of Great Brands

So recently, for the first time in a few years, I took a “real” holiday – not a weekend away or a few days in London (actually working)… it was a great break. I got back yesterday, today the post man arrived with a brown paper wrapped object… a little odd given that I wasn’t expecting anything at all today. I opened it and saw my name on an envelope, there was also two objects wrapped in purple paper… fear and excitement filled me, what on earth was this. I opened the letter to find a letter from Danielle, a ‘Magic Maker’ from Late Rooms, the company I’d booked my hotel with. I couldn’t help but feel at this point that not only was this going to be amazing, but Danielle had really took the time to look at what I love in life. (you can see the letter in the featured image of this post). I opened the packages, now excited to see what Danielle had packaged up for me; 2 lovely bags of coffee from RoastWorks Coffee Co., a coffee company in Devon (where I had been on holiday) and a MyCuppaCoffee mug (a colour guide mug to coffee). So it’s clear Danielle did some cool minor stalking, maybe found my Subscription Coffee Review website < either way she found out I love coffee. But Why Am I Writing About It Here? The power of a story behind a brand is something we’ve talked about before, a part of that for LateRooms is the ‘Magic Makers’ – they seem to pick a few lucky folk at random, find...

Can Website Load Time Effect Your Business Income?

The speed of your website is sometimes correlated with your search rankings, Google has even said it’s a factor in their search algorithm (as far back as 2011) – but did you know it can also have an effect on the income and lead generation of your website? We’ve spoken about the physical performances reasons to decrease your page load time by using a CDN in a previous post including; caching, security, distribution of data and much more besides. SEOAndy as a company works with South West Broadband for hosting, recently we upgraded our service primarily to increase speed, security and future proof the sites we are hosting. The upgrades are part of a package of things we are doing for sites such as SEOAndy, Mick Cookson Photography and others – in essence it is about speed and security. These are sites that now all use a CDN for file hosting (they aren’t small sites) and sit behind a separate firewall allowing for brilliant security (we use CloudProxy). The upgrades combined with deep use of free wordpress performance plugin W3 Total Cache makes for amazing things. And the proof is in the pudding, this is a screenshot of website load times taken from a site recently upgraded – the speed increase is between 60 and 80% consistently. Does Page Load Time Really Effect Your Bottom Line? In short, YES! But lets look at the evidence. The seed for speed was growing in 2009 when an Akamai study showed that 47% of people expected to have a website load within 2 seconds or less – and that 40% of users...

Instagram, the Facts [infographic]

Instagram, the Facts How Instagram is becoming a key part of your Social Media Strategy Social media has emerged as a powerful medium for businesses to connect with their target audience. There are many platforms are being used to spread brand awareness like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram – all of them used by brands large and small to connect with potential customers. Facebook has already become a social media giant and every small and big brand is using this platform to build a solid user base. A Picture is worth a million words and this is absolutely true for image sharing sites like Instagram. The snapshots of the new products are shared on Instagram and this really helps in marketing the same. In short we can say that in this age of digital marketing it is very important to make social media part of your brand strategy. “A Picture is worth a million words” Tweet This Businesses are using different strategies to increase engagement on social media. Few strategies they follow are: 1. Share Industry News Brands occasionally share news about the new trends in industry. They connect with the people by providing them interesting information and news. 2. Events and Quizzes Famous brands organize events on social media platforms and majority of the fans not only take part in them but also share the same through their profiles. This way they spread brand awareness as well as inform their fans about the latest happening at the company HQ. 3. Share Visual Content Videos and images play crucial role in overall marketing mix. Breathtaking images get thousands of likes...

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