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The Last Post

Well this is it my last post. No more will I be writing to unveil the secrets of the SEO world, no longer will I be giving free advice and tips, and no longer will I offer any SEO services... at least in 2009.

Had you going there, you should have seen you face... sorry but sometimes I need to grab your attention for all its worth and if I may can I keep it for a few more moments.

This post has no real content or relevance to anything else on this site, this post is simply me needing to say a few things.

    Thank you to everyone who has helped make the last 7 months (and the start of my new life) possible. You are all amazing and without you I'd still be stuck in my little hole of a life not being the very happy person I am today.

    The last 7 months have been amazing and I owe a lot of it to Crystals Limited - they've grown me beyond even their own expectations and I think that we all deserve a congratulatory pint ;)

    A special Thanks to all my clients old and new - who've pushed and pulled until we've both been happy with the end result. See some Design work.

    A huge huge huge thanks to you ( my readers ) and commentators over the past year, without you this site wouldn't be what it is.

So with that all tied up, I wish you farewell for 2009 and I hope to see you back for 2010.

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