Today SEO Andy has well over 700 articles about SEO, Digital Marketing, Branding and all manner of other interesting marketing related issues and news. The idea and concept of SEO Andy hasn't changed much since I set it up in 2008 - a place for business owners and website owners to learn about SEO, so they can implement the skills they learn and grow online.

Of course, much has changed since 2008 and heck I don't even call my self an "SEO" that much these days. But the reality is that the foundation skills and knowledge hasn't really changed. What has changed is how you implement that knowledge and that's why SEO Andy continues to publish articles on a regular basis.

SEO Andy does offer Digital Marketing Services, bespoke to the needs of the business asking - there are no set packages and no promise I can make you no#1 on Google. Instead you have my word that we will work together as a partnership to make your project work the best it can and deliver the best results its possible can. - If you've got a project, lets talk.

SEO Andy as a blog is free, and so we do use advertising on articles and sometimes use affiliate links. This little bit of extra revenue simply pays for the hosting costs and any extra charges we may need to pay throughout the month - let's just say our email list isn't so small these days. 

Proud to be nominated on the Awwards design website, shortlisted in the UK Blog Awards  2017 (for two categories) and shortlisted for Marketing of the Year in the Made in Manchester Awards 2017.