About Andy Kinsey


Hopefully, you intended to find the “About Me” page of SEO Andy. If not hopefully you know where the back button is, if you did mean to do so then keep reading…

This page is split into two sections, one about me (Andy Kinsey aka SEO Andy) and one about this blog. Feel free to read one, or the other, or both – somewhere at the bottom are a few random links to places I’ve been lucky enough to be published or collaborate (or otherwise an interesting link to something I’ve done).

Who is Andy Kinsey, SEO Andy?

It stands to reason, and from tradition, that I find myself writing this page because you probably are looking to learn a bit about who I (the founder and primary blogger of SEO Andy) am and what I do when I am not writing blogs and caring for the lovely community here.

When I’m not working on things for SEO Andy, I can usually be found with my head in analytics and web site log files as the Head of Digital Marketing at RedStar in Manchester. We work with clients across a broad spectrum of industries from fashion retailers to public bodies, offering services including SEO (of course), Social Media Management and more.

With my work life out of the way here is a little about me, the person. I openly admit to being an addict. I am addicted to coffee, curry, pizza, computers, social media, politics, community and having fun. I live in Manchester (uk) with my cat Elsie – if you want to know if I love cats… the answer is yes.

Where did SEO Andy come from?

In 2005, I left high school knowing a little about web design. A few months later I published my first professional website and soon I was taking on more web design clients. In 2008, the natural progression was towards including Search Optimisation services into my portfolio of services.  At the same time to promote my services I began blogging.

In 2009 the website on which the blog sat was the victim of a hacking. Luckily I lost only a few posts but the site was down for a few weeks. At this point I migrated the domain to SEOAndy.com and have since iterated the website and the content of the blog to what you see here today.

More From Andy Kinsey…

About Andy Kinsey If you would like to read more of my work I can be found on twitter, facebook, google+ and lots of other places online.

I am also a contributor to the RedStar Creative Blog.
I have written for Manchester Evening News MPA (business week).
Oh and not forgetting haven written for Boagworld, a great web design blog and podcast.
Andy was recently also made a Knight of the Boagworld Realm.
I have also been lucky enough to be featured in and write for .net magazine, the webs’ industry leading magazine.
I am also the co-founder of Labour Online an initiative to get the Labour Party online.
Finally, I occasionally post politically related stuff to andykinsey.me

In addition to this I’ve written for other websites and publications, its a long list – just search my name and you’ll find them I am sure.